A Comparison Between Origin Country Branding Essay

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A) Compare and contrast origin country branding: In Florence, Gucci was marketed to, “target customers that were defined as wealthy, Hollywood stars, or tourists to Europe or the US.” (Congress). This proved to be successful, due to Gucci’s success in its home country it was able to later expand to international markets. In the US the marketing strategy is similar and caters to the wealthiest of consumers. Gucci’s products are still made in Italy and maintain the quality that is so sought after as a result. “Gucci is world-renowned for its impeccable Italian craftsman and its unique blend of luxury heritage and fashion authority.” (Gucci). In 2010, Gucci’s markets were expanding to India and China as a result of their growing economies, “People who come from these places who recently amassed huge wealth due to the excellent performance of the economy would definitely want to try luxurious brands such as Gucci.” (SWOT Analysis).

B) Brand Element adaption: The brand name of Gucci remains the same across all geographic locations because it holds a lot of equity for the brand. Although Gucci lost trademark on their GG logo in 2013, it still holds “Thanks to Gucci’s famous double G logo, we all know a Gucci product when we see it. In fact, it’s hard to imagine the brand without its overlapping GG” (Styleblazer). According to Styleblazer, Gerry Weber claimed Gucci had a “lack of use between 2003-2012”. Gucci provided sales records for those years and they were able to retain…

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