A Comparative Study of Congreve's "The Way of the World" and Sheridan's "The School for Scandal"

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|A Comparative Study of Congreve’s THE WAY OF THE WORLD and Sheridan’s THE SCHOOL FOR |

Submitted by: Name:Aishwarya Bhardwaj Roll no.:5869 Restoration Comedy is genre of drama ,better known as the Comedy of Manners, as it deals with the externals of life in upper class society, interested in the fashions of time, its manners, its speech, its interests. The scenes are set in the parlours, coffee houses, streets and gardens of London. The characters are chiefly
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Marwood . Even Mirabell cannot forgo Millamant's fortune of six thousand pounds in spite of his love for her. Something similar happens in The School for Scandal ,Joseph wants to marry Maria just for the sake of money and Joseph Surface presents to be kind and generous in front of his uncle Sir Olliver just for acquiring fortune from him.

In both the plays most of all the characters portrayed are Aristocrats. Their mannerism and affectations are displayed and satirized in both The Way of the World and The School for Scandal and their luxurious life is showcased.

Both the plays also share a prominent similarity of Scandal Mongering. In The Way of the World in the Act I itself it is revealed that Lady Wishfort organizes Cabal Nights regularly in which all the people gossip and critize specific people.And in The School For Scandal the scandal mongering is the central idea around which the whole plot is weaved.

In both the plays there are Symbolic Names that is name of all the characters reveal something about their nature. For example in Congreve's play the names like Lady Wishfort wishes for many things which are beyond her reach and thus her name. Millamant has many admirers hence her name is so. Mr. Fainall pretends to be very different from what he really is so his name is Fainall-feign(pretend). Mrs Marwood has harmful intentions hence her name. Similarly in Sheridan’s play also the names are symbolic like Lady Teazle is fond of teasing

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