A Community Forum On Mitigation Efforts Essay

1082 Words Mar 27th, 2016 null Page
To present a community forum on mitigation efforts, it would need to be relevant to the community about the disasters that communities face. In this case residents and business owners of Washington State. The state has several natural disasters to plan and prepare for; earthquake, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, flooding, wild fires just to name few. The mitigation efforts covered in the community forum would be wildfires and earthquakes.
Wildfire is an ever present problem for Washington State which seen a surge recently in the number of wildfires during the summer months. In addition, Cascadia Subduction Zone is located just off of Washington State coast. While scientist have not been able to predict with great accuracy when an earthquake will strike, scientist believe that we are within the window for a large earthquake. Presenting a community about wildfire and earthquake mitigation will assist in educating people about steps they can take for themselves and their community.
In the summer of 2015 Washington State had experienced largest and costly wildfire season in the Washington State’s history. Washington State’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) estimated the total firefight cost was $347 million and with 1,005,423 acres burned; a larger area than Rhoda Island. Washington State DNR attributes the extent of damage was due to vanishing snowpack in Canada, years of persist drought, large swath of land of ailing and dead trees. With low humidity, high temperatures and…

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