Essay on A Christmas Carol Is A Wonderful Play

945 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
A Christmas Carol is a wonderful play. It was worth doing, because it had amazing characters that made the play real. A Christmas Carol play was directed by Henry Wishcamper. The directed worked hard to make this play so perfect and interesting to watch. I understood everything that director wanted to say. This play is old, but every new director wants to make it classical, and also add something unique it. This director didn’t change the play, but he made it so exclusive and lovely for the audience. This director wanted to show how Scrooge will change after he will see three ghosts. This plays has a great concept and it was easy to understand everything. This play theme is change in life. Scrooge is old men that don’t like Christmas, and also is a hard person to speech and work with. This play has three dramatic situations. First is the ghost from the past that shows Scrooge what a person he was when he was a child. Second is the ghost from the present and he is showing the life that Scrooge is living now. Third is the ghost from the future and he shows what will happen to Scrooge it he will not change. As for the characters they are believable. Then the first ghost came to Scrooge he was really scared and the ghost looked realistic. He had his face painted in white and red color. The clothes that the ghost wears were torn and dirty. I did not see any spontaneous parts. The voice of the actors where heard well. Each world that actors said was heard clearly and…

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