A Christmas Carol By Jared Johnson Essay

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Christmas spirit, are you born with it, is it something you develop, or is it something you have to learn based on your own experiences? There is a large variety of people with or without Christmas spirit in Patrick Barlow’s version of “A Christmas Carol.” This particular production of a Christmas Carol was performed at the Orpheum theater by the Magic Valley Repertory Theatre in december. The specific dates being December 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th. I attended on the 18th. This play, aimed toward the entertainment of the audience, was directed by Jared Johnson. Not only did Jared Johnson put in an immense amount of work, the actors and actresses who played multiple parts went through significant challenges. Larry Johnson being the only actor to not have multiple parts was one of my favorites. As for the rest of the actors I especially enjoyed the performance of Curtis Hopfenback, Julie Dodson, and True Leavitt. They all did a magnificent job in Patrick Barlow’s “ A Christmas Carol.” Consistent with other versions of “A Christmas Carol” The conflict is that Ebenezer Scrooge, Larry Johnson, has no Christmas spirit and refuses to give into anything that has to do with Christmas or the happiness it brings. Scrooge 's assault of anything christmas doesn’t only affect him. It has a deep affect on the people he is surrounded by.One of these people is his nephew, Frederick, played by Brendan Rowlands. Frederick invites scrooge to his holiday dinner every year, but year after…

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