Essay on A Case Study On The Pharmacy Department

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For a company like CVS, there aren’t any weaknesses in the company to discuss. If anything, the company has far more strengths than weaknesses all revolving around supplying customers with affordable prescription and nonprescription medications, tobacco and drug free programs, youth programs in the community, pharmacy advisor and prescription maintenance programs, counseling programs (has over 10 million so far), Minute Clinic services (with over 1,100 locations), and a host of other advantages to get the company closest to the customer whether it be in the most convenient way, the most personal way, or even the most innovative way. You name it, CVS has already done it and maybe even more. However, for CVS stores to continue to surpass their competitor Walgreens, they must first take into consideration the recommendations that follows to straighten up the few weaknesses currently impacting the pharmacy department in a negative light.
Seeing as though the “PDMP database was established to assist state license regulators, practitioners, pharmacists and law enforcement to prevent diversion, abuse, and misuse of controlled substances,” the company needs to make sure that all CVS stores have access to this database (Alabama Public Health, 2016). This can be done by the Pharmacists in those locations registering with their state Department of Public Health or state agency to gain distributed access to the database. This will put a hold on the company ensuring that…

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