Essay on A Case For An Investigative Worker

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I didn 't have this case on my own since my agency will not let us have our own case until later in the year. It is a CPS case I assisted an investigative social worker with. I aided the social worker with some of the interviews. Thus, I also went with the social worker to pick up the children and their belongings so that they could go with their safety resource; which was their grandparents. We had to have law enforcement involved due to the mother’s boyfriend being a potential threat.
Ecosystems: Lori Dixon is a thirty-year-old Caucasian female who lives in Rockingham County, North Carolina. She has a four-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son. The relationship and bond between the children and Lori is positive. Lori takes good care of them and doesn’t want to her actions to affect their future. Lori is currently unemployed, but has Medicaid and food stamps for her children. Lori also has Medicaid because of her children and if the children are removed, she will no longer qualify for it. Lori has a boyfriend of 7 months and lives with him and her two children in the two-bedroom apartment. The apartment is spacious for their family; however, it is cluttered and messy. Lori had used cocaine on and off along with Xanax pills. She used to be in an abusive relationship with her last boyfriend who is the father of her two children. Her last boyfriend was very abusive and controlling and he used to sell drugs. Lori tells the social worker that she learned to accept his…

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