Essay about A Canadian Individual

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As a Canadian individual in 2016 I have an incredibly diverse family. When discussing my family I will discuss my great grandparents and their experience with conflict in Europe. Furthermore, I will talk about their values that have been passed on to me, how these values shaped my idea of conflict and how they shaped my idea of conflict resolution.
My great Grandparents immigrated to Canada from Europe after WW2. The war was the reason they decided to leave. In Holland there was plenty of struggling due to the conflict, my great grandfather was taken to work in Germany while my great grandmother was in Holland witnessing soldiers creating conflict. After the war they wanted to leave because the conflict changed the way they viewed their home. My family came to Canada, leaving behind their Dutch identity.
My great grandparents practiced the Dutch language when they lived in Holland. Consequently, when they came to Canada they no longer spoke Dutch. Moreover, this is why I do not know any Dutch and do not practice the language. Although, my family valued being hard working; after world war two my family needed to be hardworking to earn enough money to immigrate to Canada. This is a value that is still instilled in my family today. Although as time has gone by, the same values my family had I no longer value. My family does not celebrate any Dutch holidays such as liberation day or St. Nicholas’ day when Sinterklass and Zwarte Piet come. Now we celebrate Louis Riel day and…

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