Essay on A Business On Business Law

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Nowadays, not just in the United States but in the whole world, people are trying more and more to have their own business for many factors such as, independence, challenge and financial success. However, start an own business it is not easy as appear, it has many bureaucratic factors which can support (or not) people who are owner or employee. The sector who support those people are called “Business Law” The first step to open a Business is have resources. In others words: Money. Usually, many people that I know used to use their own resources or family resources to invest in their business, but there are more funding options to get resources for it, for example, loans, alternative lenders, angel investors and venture capital firms. Entrepreneurships can use those funds to get resources and invest in their business. However, the risks are big since they start the business with a debt to invest, giving credit for who invested in the company, which means that the entrepreneurship have to earn money to cover all debts. Moreover, I have an example in my family; my father was a merchant and he had his store for many years (he is a good marketer at all) until the store starts to have much more debt than credit. So his strategy to do not bankruptcy the store, was borrow money of a men called in Brazil “agiota” (who was not someone of our family, neither an official investor nor bank) but with huge taxes to pay after solve his problem. He got it, but years later he could not…

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