A Brief Survey Of Biblical Names Essay

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Some people’s names today are, frankly, astounding. For starters, men’s and women’s names are losing their masculinity and femininity. “Hi. My name’s John. How’ ya doin’?” “Oh, Hello. My name’s Jozzme.” “I’m sorry. I didn’t catch that.” “Jozzme.” “That’s what I thought you said.” Names increasingly sound like people named their kids from the ingredients on the side of a cereal box. “Heyyyy. This is my friend, Reyzin.” “Umm, nice to eat y__ ...I mean, meet you.” Excuse the levity (figured this book could use a little), but seriously, I’m not exaggerating. Frankly, it’s sad.
Fact is, not only do names have meaning, but in many circumstances, the meaning of those names also ends up corresponding to what will become the person’s personality — or in some cases — destiny. A brief survey of biblical names and their meaning will demonstrate this. Adam—Man; Abraham—Father of Many; Moses—Deliverer; Saul—Asked for; David—Beloved; Samuel—God has Heard; Solomon—Peace; Jacob—Supplanter; Jesus—God Saves.

Titles have meaning too. Christ means, Anointed One, Messiah. Antichrist has a twofold meaning. It means both against Christ and also in place of Christ. My basic understanding of the word, Antichrist, is one who hates, yet envies Christ. He will impersonate Him with falsehood and deception, when, in fact, he is everything He is not, and nothing He — is. 2 Corinthians 6:15 says, “What harmony has Christ with Belial?”. He seeks everything Christ has; be it kingship (kingdom), power,…

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