A Brief Note On The World War II Essay

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Holocaust War Crimes
World War II was deadliest war in history. The war involved over thirty countries and the deaths of over fifty million military and civilian lives was recorded. The second World War started September 1,1939 when Germany invaded Poland, causing France and Britain to declare war on Germany a couple of days later. April 9,1940 Germany invaded Norway, May 10th they took over Belgium and then the Netherlands, and then they hit French forces at Sedan. Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator, saw that the French were falling so he activated the Pact of Steel he had with Hitler and declared war against Britain and France on June 10,1940. On June 14th German forces entered Paris and France was split into two zones. One under German control and the other under French control. after the Germans took France they tried to take Britain, but the British prevailed in the battle of Britain. Early 1941 Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria had joined the axis powers. The Germans continued to take over Europe, but their goal was to take over the soviet union to make room for the final solution. On June 22,1941 the Germans invaded the soviet union, but the invasion proved to be unsuccessful due to harsh winter weather, the Germans surrendered January 31,1943. For most part the united states isolated itself from the war, but declared war on the Japanese December 8,1941 after Japanese aircraft attacked the American naval base set in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor the day before. The United…

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