A Brief Note On The Workplace Wage Inequality Essay

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In the workplace wage inequality is something that has been around for a very long time and has been changing very fast. The workforce in the United States of America and Canada had a big change during the start of World War 2 because most of the men were being sent off to the war effort. The American and Canadian governments started encouraging corporations to hire women to fill the available job spots. Women were now doing the same jobs that men had been doing for many years to help with the war effort. Women were not the only ones getting jobs, but minority’s employment was on the rise too. The war was a stepping stone for women and minorities and gave them the opportunity to work. But this was also the start of wage inequality by discrimination. Men on average are getting paid more than women even though the employment rates are around the same “Today the current makeup of the labor force is 52 percent male and 48 percent female” (Parcheta et al 241). Inequality in the workforce is a big thing because the person’s race or gender could determine their wage. Corporations also have inequality on wage by position in the workforce the CEO on average has a big leap in pay. Inequality in the workplace continues to grow and this is having a big impact on class and socioeconomics.
Gender inequality is still a thing that is very much present in the United States of America. Even though it is said that everybody is treated equally data shows different. “Not only do women on…

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