Essay on A Brief Note On The Nation Park Guardians

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hornbills in Salawak nation park guardians have to identify and consider these factors. (Wordpresscom, 2015)

• Facilities - Other factor is accommodation facilities for site clearance such as campsite, resorts and hotel development and overnight huts make a considerable disturbance to the natural environment with physical effect to the soil, plants and wildlife. (Wordpresscom, 2015)

• Coastal areas – most of the tourist attract to coastal areas such as beaches, rock pools, mangroves and salt marshes. When tourist visit to these areas they engage in various activities such as swimming, boating, fishing and collecting seashells and animal etc. these activities can lead to reduce the organism in that area. Water pollution can take place via human waste, picnicking, sunbathing and swimming because it happens due to the suntan oils, sunscreens and soap and the bacteria derived from the human body. So government has to take action in order to save those areas from pollution to maintain the sustainable ecotourism. (Wordpresscom, 2015)
Economic impact
International resource group mentions that most of the tourists from European countries prefer to visit developing nations like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand etc, but they expend only one third of their cost in the country they visit because two-third of their cost were paid to the airline and to the tour agent. Also they have to spend major part from one third to the accommodation. Merely very small amount is spent in tourism…

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