Essay on A Brief Note On The First Alcoholic Drink

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Created in Greece around 2700 B.C.- the first alcoholic drink. Greek literature contained many warnings that made them excessively against drinking. In the sixteenth century, alcohol was used for medical purposes only. For thousands of years, alcohol was used to make fermented grain, fruit juice, and honey. (Alcohol 1) After the production of gin in Britain, alcoholism became a worldwide tradition. After alcoholism became widespread, fifteen million Americans suffered from addiction to alcohol. Also, 40 percent of all car accident deaths have been attributed to alcoholism in the US. (2) Early famers took place in something called the “fallen fruit”, around when the production of alcohol started (Alcohol 1). Before consumption in the West, the Chinese used alcoholic beverages. The Chinese economy thrived by the sales of alcohol. Celebrating special occasions called for the consumption of alcoholic drinks. In 69 AD in Rome, one emperor after the next became known for abusing alcohol (Alcohol 3). A leading cause of many diseases and health issues within the twenty-first century, Addiction to alcohol continues as a concern; efforts continued to help addicts stay clean assist in them in leading happier and healthier lives. Alcoholics thrive on the way it makes them feel. Therefore, it becomes an everyday automatic process and ritual for people with this addictive trait that includes an all-time appetite or craving for alcohol (Roleff 5). Alcohol has a way of putting a crave in…

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