Essay on A Brief Note On The Border Borders And The United States

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Stretching out approximately 2000 miles long, the U.S.-Mexico concrete border has its own loopholes where at certain points the security is not tight. This enables people to cross the border without papers. However, this is not to say that those people will not find any difficulties in crossing. A note to remember, the unauthorized border crossing means risking everything it may take because the spots are not considered comfortable to be crossed such as crossing through abandoned tunnel (El Norte), hiding in a car or truck (Maid in America, the Lone Star), crossing the river (Sin Nombre, The Lone Star, into the North), or walking through the deserts. These illegal ways of crossing, mostly, offer their own challenges. In certain areas, which is said to be “crossable” like the deserts in southern Arizona and the Rio Grande River, these locations are familiar to the immigrants. Crossing the desert, in general, is hard and dangerous. Thus, immigrants’ death in the attempt of crossing border is common in this particular area. The significant number of border deaths currently has brought humanitarian groups to come to the front line of “migrant relief effort.” Constructing more than eighty emergency water stations throughout the Arizona’s Sonoran Desert border region, a Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) such as the Humane Borders, a faith-based agency in Tucson, hope to help the immigrants. Not only providing safe drinking water, they also supply warm clothes, first aid kit and…

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