A Brief Note On The, And, Health Fairs And Community Events Essay

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My guess is that the vast majority of orthodontists are not aware of the potential there is in working with other small business owners, medical spas, health fairs, and community events. Meanwhile, this has been a tremendous referral source for our practices over the years and the one most other orthodontists shy away from. Most steer clear of trying to get referrals from other businesses out of fear of being tacky, pushy, salesy, or any other excuse they can think of that will allow them to sit on their duff and not get out into the world and build relationships.

Knowing Your Neighbors
You may be surprised at just how many referral opportunities are surrounding your office right now in the form of other businesses and community events. If you have a famous steak restaurant right across the parking lot from your office, for example, and you have never gone over there to talk about doing your holiday party there, how you can offer their employees a discount on Invisalign or whitening, how you can sponsor the little matchbooks, mints and toothpicks they hand out, or how you might even get on the back of the survey card that comes out with every bill, then you are undoubtably leaving money and referrals on the table.
How long do you want to continue to leave that money on the table? Opportunities to gain new referral sources are all around you. Do you have a popular coffee shop near your practice? Have you ever asked them if you can put your logo and coupon on the little…

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