A Brief Note On Ptsd Nation : Art And Poetry From Survivors Of War, Gun Violence And Domestic Abuse

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Event Analysis of “PTSD Nation: Art and Poetry from Survivors of War, Gun Violence and Domestic Abuse” Art is an expression of feeling or thought, and to different people, meanings and functions of art will be different. According to the director of my college’s Art Department, “In the case of public art that was made for a specific site in the city, the artist may have been expected to design a piece that responded to the appearance, purpose, or history of that site” (Lecture). I think the purpose of creating public art can also applies to many other forms of art. Instead of creating public art, people can express himself by drawing a picture or writing a poetry. In the art exhibit of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), artist displayed his experience and appearance on the gallery and illustrated a story of what it is like to have PTSD. The purpose of the art exhibit of PTSD has created an opportunity for people to gather more insight about PTSD, and also provides understanding of the environment and the purpose of the pictures. In the gallery of “survivors of war, gun violence and domestic violence”, artist mainly express his stress and pressure by showing the art work they have done and illustrate the things they have been through, or things they tried to forget. According to the PTSD exhibit’s four goals, “illustrated stories to provide a simulated experience of what it is like to acquire and live with PTSD; to educate the public about the disorder and offer tips…

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