A Brief Note On Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

1622 Words Nov 29th, 2016 7 Pages
There are many pressing environmental issues that firms face, but the most demanding issue is that of pollution. Businesses and industrial facilities are significant sources of air and water pollutants, and pollution can have a profound effect on the communities that companies are situated in. It is important that firms are on the forefront of the effort to prevent pollution, not just off-set or remedy it. Air pollution from factories ruins quality of life for residents of urban areas and can contribute to higher cancer rates and acid rainfall7. Water pollution and mismanagement is affecting already dwindling groundwater resources, which is the largest source freshwater on the globe. Additionally, mistreatment of water can negatively impact aquatic ecosystems, leading to even less available freshwater and species die offs7. Implementing environmental policy is challenging and expensive, there is no way around that. Yet while preventing environmental damage may demand additional implementation costs, environmental remediation often costs significantly more, both monetarily and in terms of reputation. The goal of trying to prevent and reduce pollution is widely accepted, but in order to fulfill it major changes will have to be made throughout the supply chain. This could lead to challenges from suppliers who use less ecologically friendly practices. Transnationally, there are conflicting environmental recommendations and laws that can make it easy to do the least…

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