A Brief Note On National Appropriation And Cultural Appropriation

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Brandon Hull
Dr. Wims
Survey to World History II
Research Paper
September 11, 2015

Cultural Appropriation Society today, has adopted a plethora of different concepts from different cultures, but with this evolution in civilization there has been some negative connotations. That is where cultural appropriation comes in because some people are abusing one another’s beliefs. Culture is arts, achievements, customs, and social institutions of a particular group of people or nation. Culture is also the behavior and attitudes of a social group. Cultural exchange is when two or more people or groups intentionally share information about his or her differing backgrounds in hopes to understand each other better. Cultural appropriation is a sociological idea which interprets the adoption or use of foundations of one culture by participants of a dissimilar culture as a largely negative phenomenon. Cultural appropriation is when a person takes something with cultural significance from another culture for their own, and does not respect or understand the importance behind that object or idea. Cultural appropriation has become more aware in today’s society and mainly in the music industry and their image where non-black people use black culture to excel in their own way. An example like black hair such as braids, was a big controversy because the people who adopted those styles did not understand what that hair style actually represented. Non-black people who wear braids are classified…

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