A Brief Note On Medical Students Without Borders Essay

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Medical Students Without Borders:
Aiming to Increase Benefits of Short Term Experiences in Global Health (STEGHs) “In fact, we never saw any of our patients for a second time. Not one of the 1,427 patients was ever seen for follow-up of their diagnoses. I worry that they did not consider it important to finish the full course of their antibiotic, that their children ate too many sweet gummy vitamins, or that they simply did not see their transient dizziness as the serious medical concern diabetes is…We hold up our stethoscopes to their skinny bodies in excitement, our unsophisticated ears hear something (anything!), and we call it normal. We are afraid to touch the patient, we cannot even hold a conversation with them, and yet we truly feel that we are helping others” (Dalwadi 2013). Shraddha Dalwadi, a medical student at Texas A&M Health Science Center College of Medicine, recounts her experiences after her participation in a week-long global health outreach program. For Dalwadi, the biggest issues with her medical outreach program were the lack of sustainability, insufficient education about the language and culture, and the inadequacy of clinical skills. Medical outreach programs, like the one Dalwadi participated in, as a result of their short duration have been termed, “Short Term Experiences in Global Health” programs or STEGHs. STEGH programs occur abroad, providing impoverished countries with clinical care, in addition to providing pre-med students with hands-on…

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