Essay on A Brief Note On Measles And Rubella ( Mmr ) Vaccine

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Many people still refuse to vaccinate their children with mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) vaccine despite the evidence that has proven it to be safe and effective. these parents choose to not vaccinate their children due to the possibility of developing autism. This in turn puts the child and all other children they interact with at risk for these life-threatening diseases which had been almost completely eliminated from our society. By making inoculations mandatory for all children, it would prevent children everywhere from being at risk from such fatal diseases by eliminating them from our culture.
To understand the reasoning behind why people would choose not to immunize their children, it is first important to know about the research that Andrew Wakefield did in 1998. In his article, “A Deadly Shot in the Dark,” Stav Ziv explains how parents have come to believe that vaccinating their children may result in autism. The article details that Wakefield did a study in which he observed children who were given the MMR vaccine and recorded the varying problems that occurred among those children, one of those being autism. Although this paper has since been retracted and widely discredited, Wakefield still holds firm on his position and believes that the MMR vaccine is a contributing factor to the development of autism. Parents who do not vaccinate their children often do so with good intentions, yet these good intentions do not always match up with proven scientific…

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