Essay A Brief Note On Independent Contractors And An Organization

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Independent contractors are usually people considered to be lawyers, doctors, accountants, or even auctioneers who in a manner of speaking are professionals who present their services to the general public. Still an individual can be considered an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or exact only the effect of the work and not the outcome of the performance. An employee would be defined as an individual who works either full or part-time under an agreement of employment, either oral or written, and has recognized rights and duties in an organization. Still, what really matters is if an employer has the authorization to control the particulars on the services provided to an independent contractor verses an employee. This distinction will help employers determine who they are hiring in order to manage continuing activities and processes that organizations can use to manage and align resources and actions with the mission, vision, and strategy throughout their organization, and the various effects it could have on their organization from: a variety of taxes, performance duties, and legal consequences.

Independent Contractors verses Employees in the Workforce First, it is important for organizations to understand that independent contractors (IC) and employees are not the same. Some organizations may not consider an individual an independent contractor if they perform services that can be controlled by an employer, which applies even…

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