A Brief Note On Drug Drugs And Its Effects On Drugs Essays

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Luke Romine
22 September 2015

Dependency on Drugs According to webMD, 22.9 million Americans have partaken in an illicit drug. Illegal drugs are a large problem in the American society because they are causing harm to the American people, and even death. Users fall in love with the high and will continue to chase that feeling. Heroine is one of the worst drugs on the market. The most common way to use heroine is to inject into the arm. Injecting with a needle discharges the substance directly into the blood stream, making the high much faster and last longer. To many this is attractive due to the quickness and the lasting effect and that that is why it is such a popular substance. But, of course there is other ways to use it, such as, orally, smoking, snorting and the least common but most dangerous, plugging. Plugging heroine is when the drug is inserted with a syringe or pill into the anal or vaginal canal. Symptoms of this drug include excessive itching and digging at the skin, nausea and vomiting. Most deaths due to heroin come from the user choking in their own vomit while the user is passed out. Over time, heroin will destroy brain cells to the point of weariness, cannot concentrate, constant confusion and slurred speech even when the user is not high. In 1998, there were 81,000 new users of heroin reported by the NSDUH. By 2006, that number of first-time users had risen to only 90,000. But, by 2012 the number of people initiating first use of…

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