A Brief Note On Discriminated By Race Or Discrimination Essay

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Victimized By Race or Discrimination
Discrimination is an act that refuses social members of the human right to the groups of people grounded on prejudgment. This includes behaviors of an individual or group centered on their actual or apparent membership in a certain group or social category. This transpires in a way that is worse than the way people are usually regarded. Discrimination involves treating people in an undesirable way due to a giving personality. I would be comparing my personal experience of discrimination to the ones I read in some articles. Through me been victimized by discrimination at my first work place and also at the school soccer team, I would be able to relate to me being a victim of discrimination to the people who suffered discrimination on the articles I read.
I first witnessed the true sense of the word discrimination when I applied for my first job in the United States of America. I have never encountered discrimination in my life until when I went in search for a job. It was my school cafeteria in Troy University Alabama. We were about five people who filled out an application, and was called for an interview. After the interview the other four people started working as soon as the next day and I was not called. I went to see the manager to know why I was hired. She kept telling me that I have to see her the next day, the next week and that she is busy. Though I noticed something was not right, but I never related to discrimination…

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