A Brief Description Of The Injury Prevention Intervention Essay

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Post by Day 4 a brief description of the injury prevention intervention you selected.

In the United States (US) sexual violence (SV), an preventative injury, affect approximately 1 in 5 women each year, which is about 19.3% of reported cases (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], 2016). The prevalent of SV against men shown approximately 1 in 15 men are victim to SV, which includes 5.8% experience sexual coercion, 10.8% unwanted sexual contacts, and 13.3% non-contacted for unwanted sex (CDC, 2016). In women, SV is an act that has reported to show sexual involvment of rape and/ or attempted rape, which account for 12.5% sexual coercion, 27.3% unwanted sexual contact, and 32.1% unwanted sexual experience (CDC, 2016). Moreover, minority population e.g. Deaf and Hard of Hearing (DHOH) people are disproportionally victims of SV, although statistic do not account to show the number of DHOH SV cases (Pick, 2013). However, the general minority data revealed that women make up 32.3% multiracial, 27.5% American Indian/Alaska Native, 21.2% African American, 20.5% Caucasian, and 13.6% Hispanic of SV cases in the US (CDC, 2016). For the men population lifetime data show 39.5% multiracial, 26.6% Hispanic, 24.5% American Indian/ Alaska Native, 24.4% African American, and 22.2% Caucasian men have been victim to SV (CDC, 2016). The prevalence of bisexual, homosexual men experience rape will increase in their lifetime calling forth injury prevention intervention to stop…

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