A Brief Bonus Point Projects : Migrant Farmworkers Essay example

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Optional Bonus Point Projects: Migrant Farmworkers
In the documentary, "Viva La Causa" the working conditions for the migrant field workers were very poor and described as, "hard work, low pay." The video showed men wiping sweat off their faces with bandanas, so it was a clear indication that they worked in high temperatures and were not properly hydrated at all. They earned approximately a dollar an hour with no health benefits and the government did little to help. There were no laws set in place to protect them. According to a strike leader named Roberto A. Bustos, he described the toxic pesticides that were sprayed on the fields while they worked, "We didn 't know what kind of spray it was or what was it for. Nobody told us anything and people would get sick." In addition, women would be humiliated because there were no bathrooms provided and children often helped their parents on the fields. When Cesar Chavez formed the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA), the main objective was to bring dignity and justice to the migrant farmworkers. They were fighting for their basic human rights. Chavez wanted to overthrow the current farm labor system because they were being treated like slaves and not as human beings.
Chavez was a very important leader and activist of a labor movement who believed that violence was not a way to victory. He was influenced by Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi who used nonviolence to bring about change. He became the voice of hundreds of…

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