A Brief Article ' Bisphenol A Fact Sheet, From The Polycarbonate / Bpa Global Group

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Item H form Mrs. Atkins is provided form the website bisphenol-a.org. the article was written in July 2007. The article “Bisphenol A fact sheet,” originates from the Polycarbonate/BPA Global Group. Bisphenol A is a chemical block used to make polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Most of BPA that is being consumed at manufacturing sites, produce low levels of bisphenol A to the environment. BPA factors are stated as a non-risk to the environment because, of the low amount of BPA is released into the environment when being produced. When BPA gets in contact with the environment, it breaks down and turns into sediments. The sediment spreads across region of where the BPA is produced. Because the measurements of bisphenol A are low, they do not cause any damage in the environment. If BPA is found anywhere, only a small amount is found in nearby streams and creeks, places where there are no organisms present. Studies of BPA have shown that no BPA was found near the surface waters of north America, Europe and Asia. Based on the information that was presented on Item H, item H is not a valid source. Even though the information presented about item H is stating facts and explaining the study cases that have been done, there is no way to tell if this information is true or not. There is not data, statistics, or experiments involved to back up the studies. How would could something be proving if they are correct without any type of data, statistics, or experiments shown. If this…

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