A Brief Analysis Of Millbrook Opened For The 1963 Summer Season

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1) Millbrook opened for the 1963 summer season on July 2nd, Finished 52 years at the end of 2015. (Dark in 1998)

2) Through conversations among Dan Reinhold, Peter Gstalder (Williamsport artist), and Kelly Yeaton (PSU professor of theatre, the idea of using the abandoned barn as a summer stock theatre was born. Reinhold ran with the idea initially and organized a corp group which volunteered both time and money to get the theatre opened.

3) Always called Millbrook Playhouse.

4) Only original member of the board left is Chuck Stein, although he was not a member of the board after the first year or so. Nobody else is still alive as far as I know.

5) The most special thing about Millbrook is that is still alive and well. It is truly part of the fabric of the community. There are patrons that have been coming consistently for 52 years. You don 't find that in many theaters across the united states.

6. What sorts of productions are put on? 7. How many productions are put on each year?
Millbrook 's mission is to provide quality, professional live theatre and encourage the development and appreciation of the theatre arts with a strong educational component. We annually produce 8 plays and musicals during the summer season and 3 shows for young audiences as well as 3 theatre camps for children btw 6 - 18 years of age. This past year we have expanded our season to include a Fall show and a new Youth Ensemble.

8. How many attendees can the theater handle? We have…

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