Essay about A Better Version Of The Online Banking System

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For many years two of the fastest growing industries are information technology and online banking. It is remarkable how online banking has changed the banking world. I remember those days when we physically used to deposit the checks but nowadays people can make direct deposit. Fulton bank has been in business for a good amount of time but their online banking system needs tremendous amount of updates so they can compete with the big banks. To make online banking better for Fulton bank, the data analyst of Fulton bank contacted our database development team and requested to implement automatic online database system for the Fulton bank.
Fulton bank is overdue for an upgrade to their online banking system. The purpose of this research paper is to create a better version of the online banking system in order to improve customer satisfaction by providing easy access.
Business goals and rules
1. Online banking system will allow Fulton bank to reduce man power in managing the bank transactions, which will allow them to save more money by spending less on salaries.
2. Allows customers to track spending and savings using a convenient automated system.
3. Customers are able to stay updated on the status of their account 24 hours a day

User requirements
The user requirements for online banking are that customers must have a secure username and password for their account in order to avoid breach in their system. Additionally, when accessing the account, it is…

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