A Better New World Essay

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A Better New World

The Brave New World was a failed attempt at paradise. It’s failure came about the

classic casus belli that the ends justify the means. When you have the impossible end

of perfection, you have the impossible means of oppression. The very idea of perfection

is just a lullaby that sends our brains into slumber, allowing it, and by extension, us the

ability to ignore the fact that perfection is impossible. The very attempt to create

perfection could be considered a certifiable act of insanity, as it is something we

continue to strive for as if reality is going to change. Though it wouldn’t be as insane to

strive for greatness as opposed to perfection.

Imagine if we changed the dream, from utopia to paradise. Instead of perfection, we

strive for the realistic ideal. If we reimplemented the principles of our means and

eliminated oppression as any applicable method. Through this new process we could

introduce a better new world. In fact we have already started through scientific

advancements, freedom of government and open-minded living.

In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, science has been used negatively as a tool

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for control and manipulation as opposed to freedom. Though we may have some of the

same technologies as the Brave New World, our principals with which we use this

technology is what set’s it apart. Yes, we have the ability to genetically alter people, but

we aren’t using this to engineer and control people.…

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