9/11 Attack essay

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On September 11, 2001 there was a terrible attack in United States in New York City and the Washington, D. C., which was launched by the Islamic terrorist group called al- Qaeda. On that Tuesday morning al-Qaeda hijacked four planes which were crashed into the World Trade Center North Tower, South Tower and the pentagon.
The first attack was taken place at 8:46 am in World Trade Center North Tower by American Airlines Flight 11 and the second attack was taken place at 9:03 am in South tower by United Airlines Flight 175. The third plane, American Airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon at 9:37 am. However, the fourth plane, United Airlines Flight 93 which was targeted at the United States capitol in Washington, DC crashed near
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At that time all I could see the second tower was hidden behind with plumes of smoke.
After a while I saw another plane was coming towards the South tower building uncontrollably and in no time it crashed. Both the buildings started to collapse. We ran away to save our lives. But many people who were outside got injured and some of them were dead. At this moment the only thing I could hear or see, was people were rushing for their lives. I was really disappointed when I saw children were searching for their parents with tears streaming down their faces.
After the attack was over, the police, the ambulance and the fire brigade arrived to help people. But after a while the police informed that another attack was taken place at 10.03 am near Shanks Ville, Pennsylvania, southeast of Pittsburgh. So, more ambulances arrived to Pennsylvania. There were many injured people lying on stretchers and they were whining and sobbing. Also some parents were crying because their children were dead. I was traumatized by seeing these incidents and I had tears in my eyes after seeing the children lamenting about their losses.
This incident was the most shocking moment which lived in my heart forever like a nightmare. Only thing that I wished for on that moment was that Al-Qaeda should punished

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