802.11 Freire 's The Banking Concept Essay

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Freire essay The purpose of this essay is to discuss to connect Freire’s ideas in “The Banking Concept” with my own educational experience. “The Banking Concept” examines the educational system, where the author illustrates the teachers and students role in the system. The author also illustrates also how the banking approach works, and writes about the opposite approach in the second half of the passage, problem posing. Firstly, what is the banking education? The banking education is a term used to describe whereas the teacher is a active participant and on the other side, the students also receiving information without thinking critically. However, the term is developed my Paulo Freire to describe and critique the educational system. According to Freire does the educational system lack of creativity and critical thinking. As a result, the students dehumanize. On the other hand, there is problem-posing. Student who experience problem-posing are developed to good critical thinkers, and does have a active role in the classroom. The negative effects found in the banking concepts is therefore not found in the problem-posing.

On page 216 the author argues that “Education is suffering from sickness”. In Norway’s educational system the student are objects in the classroom that memorize most of what being told in the classroom by the teacher. This narrative education develops dehumanized students, and as a result, the students learns how to memorize and not think critically…

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