`` 8 Things Millennials Want And Don 't Want Show How Different They Are From Their Parents

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Everybody in the millennial generation has had some sort of generalization put upon them by an older generation. In the case of Goldfarb’s article and the studies done by Goldman Sachs we as a generation generally believe specific values as a whole and vice versa. I as a millennial believe in some of the said values myself and I agree that other millennials have beliefs that match the studies. Also, on the other hand, I disagree with some values stated by the article for myself and other millennials. This being said, everyone is different and there is not a specific generalization that you could put on a millennial.
In Zachary A. Goldfarb’s article “8 things millennials want—and don’t want—show how different they are from their parents,” published by Washington Post on February 28, 2015, Goldfarb analyzes new graphs just put out by Goldman Sachs, an investment banking company. Goldfarb’s states that from analyzing these graphs is clear to see that millennials want cheap stuff, to be healthy, athletic gear, and social media. Goldfarb also states millennials do not want a house, a car, luxury bags, or a television in the study made by Goldman Sachs.
As I read this text I began remembering back to when I was a child. I remember that television was a big part of my life. I would watch T.V. almost every day and spent a lot of time that I could have been doing other things. As I grew up, I began to watch T.V less and less and started doing activities such as fishing, exercising,…

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