202 Freeway Case Study

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When people who live in Arizona think of South Mountain, they tend to think of family hikes and the beautiful wildlife in the area. Sadly, this perception of South Mountain may not be the same for future Arizonans if the expansion of the 202 Freeway takes place. The expansion of the 202 Freeway should be stopped due to the environmental impacts it would have such as the destruction of natural land and wildlife in that area. Another concern for the expansion of the 202 Freeway would be the impacts it would have on residents who live in the area it would be constructed. Not only would it alter the natural desert land by flattening part of South Mountain in order to build a road for cars to drive on, it would also cause habitat loss, traffic disturbance, …show more content…
The methodologies I used in my research paper include Grounded Theory, correlational research, and data collection in the form of qualitative and quantitative research. I chose these methods of research to focus on because they were appropriate for my research topic in the sense that correlational research helps to eliminate how the expansion of the 202 affects the environment. While data collection gives me an exact answer as to how much area of environmental impact there may be. My data collection for qualitative research was about the environmental impacts and why the expansion should not take place. My data collection for quantitative research was about the economic effects of the expansion or not doing it as well as the amount of land and wildlife that would be destroyed. As for Grounded Theory, it allowed me to develop my topic, which offered an explanation about the environmental impacts of the expansion of the 202 in that particular area, and how this issue can be resolved or there can be an alternative solution. These mixed methodologies were accomplished by looking at websites that gave a layout of what the expansion would be and look like and articles that pointed out why the expansion should not take place. It is important to note that I chose this topic because I am concerned about the environmental impacts of the environment due human development taking over. Each of these methodologies play an …show more content…
To put into perspective, “the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) says in its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) that an estimated 112 single-family homes, nine businesses and one church would be displaced by the freeway running where Pecos Road currently exists in Ahwatukee” (Hurtado, 2013). At just this small section of the proposed expansion of the freeway, so many people would be forced to move, losing their home and community. The expansion of the 202 Freeway, as a whole, would displace a drastic number of homes, businesses, and community centers. Additionally, “within the Study Area, the blocks with the greatest percentage of minority populations are located within 1⁄2 mile of I-10 (Papago Freeway) and within the Community” (ADOT, 2013, p. 30). There is no coincidence that the expansion of the 202 Freeway is proposed to happen so close to minority populations. Most polluted environments are where people of color and the poor live. This has a lot to do with the fact that the government can enforce the decision to build factories or freeways where wanted with agreement from the people. The government was created with a foundation of white supremacy and people of color have trouble fighting the system and winning. “Nearly everyone has gone, leaving behind gutted monuments to a former life [however] a few resilient signs

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