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Happiness & Success ( Issue # 2) by HEIR Services

Different people eventually discover themselves to be motivated by a combination of factors and values worth having. I am aware of a few rich and talented executives who committed suicide. A bank executive took his own life during the economic crisis. The company he served had to declare bankruptcy. Why was he so unhappy enough to take his own life ? Was it because of shame ? Was it due to his strong attachment to the company that died or the substantial amount of cash he knew he would not see everyday ? Could it have been because he foresaw that his tragic experience was just the start of a series of problems ? And maybe it was not bearable for him to
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Victory in elections. Citations and Honorary Positions. But because of wealth and the enjoyment of all that money can buy, that same wealthy person cannot experience the simple happiness of the masses who are deprived of even basic means to live human lives.

For women, most would enjoy beauty treatments, adventures, new shoes, new shoes, new shoes.A former First Lady was famous for having a thousand new shoes ready to wear. A very recent trend revealed that women would like to have their fats burned in clinics in order to look sexy or at least not ugly to look at. They can do the same for wrinkles, eyebags, sagging skin. Did you notice that some faces now look as smooth as marble stone faces of statues ? And with sophisticated make-ups, they would be very happy to display pearl skin in pictures. Remove that and they can feel so irritated specially if pressed by circumstances to face people. Their happiness will be the provision for more time to deal with the mirror and cosmetics.

Those who worked very hard for the attainment of wealth will naturally not want to lose their gains. They will be very busy maintaining enterprises already built over time. Yet they will have other sources of happiness and success. Most businessmen call it profits or ROI, return on investments.

If we look at lives of the working class, great joy can be realized whenever new clothes are purchased. Or delicious food is served on a birthday. This is not true for people who

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