2.0 Bloom 's Taxonomy : 3.1 Knowledge Essay

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3.0 Bloom’s Taxonomy 3.1 Knowledge
Define what a computer is.
The word: ‘computer’, had many definitions throughout history. The first meaning was a calculator – the UNIVAC machine to be exact. The UNIVAC was a privatized machine which predicted next presidents to be elected, its system: artificial intelligence: ‘computer’ being trademarked by UNIVAC in easier terms but that changed over time. When IBM released its own calculator to go against the UNIVAC, the term ‘computer’ changed to ‘an automatic machine that was mathematically sufficed’. Other generation calculators were regarded as computer, too, until when the Xerox Alto was released, which did more than maths problems. The definition changed again to fit in and diversify the new development(s) to, simply an ‘electronic machine’.

3.2 Comprehension
Describe the reasons why it cost a lot of money to purchase a computer back in the day.
An old computer cost a lot of money back in the day as it took many components to assemble such big machines. Levers, switches, rods, and other computer organs needed to done by hand as there were no specialized factories or places to build these, unlike today. This caused manufactures and corporations to hire many people and agree to the difficult task of assembling tiny parts – it took tons of time, and it was required by law to compensate staff for working. In addition, the industry was still young: the outcome was unsure and created many risks. As a backup, computers were sold in…

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