1960s Counterculture Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The 1960’s were by far, an age of youth and the era served as one with a majority of the population being the “free-thinking young people” . Much of this new counterculture questioned life and it’s values such as their parents’ morals, music, beliefs, and the war. The post-war baby boomers chose “rebellion over conformity5” . Much of this young decade found themselves in opposition to following what society accepted at the time. The sixties gave off a strong sense of rebellion and fight against the formerly conservative United States. The Free Speech Movement was one of the driving forces of the counterculture. Many young students and people believed that they were completely entitled to their right to speak and assemble freely . The New Left emerged yet again in the sixties and was frequently associated with the growing counterculture of the time. In time, the youth of America spread their feel for a more liberal sense of mind through out the country. Adults were often in antagonism to the new styles of rebellion and the disagreement to follow in your parents’ footsteps and follow the many unsaid rules of society. The most define part of the 1960’s counterculture was the hippie revolution. The infamous hippies of the sixties were those that fought for peace and believed in the right to freedom and their entitlement to protest against what they felt was wrong and argue for what seemed to be a better society in their eyes. The hippies were the people whom led America in the liberal direction. They were never in opposition to show the public their true thoughts and feelings. Part of the counterculture and it’s mainstream of rebelling against the social norms grew strictly from the notorious hippies of the decade . The 1960’s were a time of strongly emerged liberal ideas. Although the sixties were also a very controversial time, …show more content…
The sixties were often referred to as the swinging sixties, due to the sudden changes from the once conservative America to the newly found liberal America. The Vietnam War sparked new thoughts and interests in many citizens, bringing them to the realization that the United States commitment in the war was of no benefit to them. The creation of the innovative counterculture of the sixties was one of the stronger aspects of the decade that impacted the sudden political swing towards liberalism. Groups and organizations that were formed in the 1960’s often based their purpose upon individuality, rebellion, and the fight for obtaining their rights to freedom of speech and assembly. Although many believed that the strong liberal attitudes that emerged in this decade were solidly driven by the Vietnam War and the counterculture, some may argue that the liberal attitudes were simply bound to surface at this time, because of the presidents that serviced or the so-called patterns that society had followed. Historians and few others believe that the liberalism of the 1960’s was purely coincidental in relation to the Vietnam War protests and the free spirits of the hippies and young adults . Despite these arguments, it can be said that the liberalism of this decade did depend greatly upon the Vietnam War and the new counterculture. The 1960’s were a free spirited society full of youth and many American citizens that did not oppose to exhibiting their thoughts and doing as they

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