1950s vs Today Essay

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Ashley Simon
Mrs. Teri Hevener
English 111
March 8, 2014 Society today and Society in the 1950’s
In the past sixty years are country has seen overwhelming change. Some change has been for the best, while much has been for the worse. We’ve seen amazing advancements in technology and made huge strides in the health field. Unfortunately we’ve also lost a lot of common sense and have a lack of morals and dignity. In the 1950’s family’s usually stayed together. Today a very big percentage of marriages end in divorce. In the fifties families ate dinner around the table together. Today people have such busy, hectic schedules that family meals are rare and often eaten in front of the TV. In the fifties jobs were easy to come by.
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In the fifties people didn’t have the air of entitlement that people do today. They valued hard work the ideas of capitalism, and believed that you had to earn what you wanted. Today so many people want everything handed to them. They love the idea of redistribution of wealth, “free” handouts, and are very good at working the system. . In the fifties things were well made and meant to last. People didn’t just throw something away when it broke. They fixed it. Today we live in a throwaway culture; everything’s made cheaply in China and meant to brake so you’ll have to go buy another one. Not only do we not put much value in objects, but often we treat people as disposable and replaceable as well. In the 1950s people dressed to impress with class and dignity, everyone did whether you where rich or poor. Today too many people dress sloppily or in revealing, unflattering fashions.
In the 1950s people did not have as easy access we have to news and information; they relied on newspapers and books. In the 1950s people died from sicknesses that can be treated easily today. Today there much research being done on diseases and cancers and we understand medical problems and health issues better today. In the 1950s people smoked a lot more than today and they did not understand things that cause health risks very well. Today we understand the health risks of smoking and other things like the importance a healthy diet and

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