Murder Cases In The Film, 12 Angry Men

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In the film, 12 Angry Men, twelve disgruntled, sweat-covered jurymen are debating the verdict of a murder case. The audience gets unique insight into the deliberation of an emotionally-charged case. A young boy is accused of murdering his abusive father in their apartment and then fleeing the scene. The jury raises vital questions about the case that will ultimately form their decision. They must agree unanimously to either acquit the boy of his father’s murder or to send him to the electric chair. The men are torn between supporting and conflicting evidence. They must weave their way through the facts and reach a verdict. One of the facts that came into question was about a star witness. The old man that lived below the father and son gave his testimony in the courtroom. He stated, under oath, that he had heard an argument upstairs and then heard a body drop to the ground. The old man subsequently ran to the door within estimated fifteen seconds and saw the young boy escaping the building. Based on the evidence presented in court, all but one juror, were convinced that boy was guilty. Juror #8, played by Henry Fonda, is …show more content…
At the beginning of the film, all but Juror #8 were convinced of the prosecution 's argument. After hours of heated argument and in-depth exploration, the group of twelve angry men decide on a "not guilty" verdict. The film is proof of the difficulty of overcoming the burden of proof. Jury duty is not to be taken lightly. The film concludes with the men returning to their respective lives. The heat wave is broken by the rain. As the rain pours in the background, it is symbolic of the breakthrough and rebirth of perspective in each man. 12 Angry Men gives the audience an experience in the judicial process in the American legal

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