Essay about 10 Significant People from the 1950s

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Ed Sullivan - Ed Sullivan was known for being a famous show host. In 1948, CBS had Ed Sullivan host a new show, which was called The Ed Sullivan Show. His show was a success because he was able to appeal to the audience with great shows or acts from other famous celebrities. Sullivan was also great at recognizing talent in people. In the 1950s, he made many people into stars. The Ed Sullivan Show took place in the Ed Sullivan Theater, where a new show is now being aired, The Late Show with David Letterman. Ed Sullivan was a successful show host and star maker in America of the 1950s.

Joseph McCarthy - Joseph McCarthy was a senator in the 1950s. He was known for putting a lot of other people in the government on trial for being
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This was a big impact in the United States because this also marked the beginning of the court system having a greater impact in the country from then on. Martin Luther King - Martin Luther King Jr. was a famous leader for the Civil Rights Movement of 1964. In the 1950s, he was an impact in Montgomery with his great public speaking skills. After Rosa Parks was sent to jail, the Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) needed a leader to lead the people for their future actions on protesting. King was the perfect candidate and so, Edgar D. Nixon appointed Martin Luther King as the president of the MIA. He had also helped in finding Southern Christian Leadership Conference for black churches and ministers to oppose racial segregation. His leadership was a huge impact for African Americans to fight against segregation without violence because of his Christian background.

Douglas MacArthur - Douglas MacArthur was a famous general during the 1950s. He was the one who led the marines of America and South Korea to push North Korea out of the south. After this counterattack behind North Korean lines, the soldiers were able to push the enemies to the border between Korea and China. MacArthur wanted to go further with his attacks to the Chinese Communists, but Truman wanted him to keep the battle in Korea. Not too long after, he went against Truman and campaigned for his impeachment. However, the campaign was not successful and

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