10 Pros And Cons Of Social Media

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ii. As technology improves and becomes the motor of our society, knowing whether it’s necessary to be part of the growing virtual world is quite debatable. Technology has conquered the world to a point where even important actions as human interaction and communication are being modified to the benefit of people who believe technology makes their lives easier and more effective. However there are certain activities in which technology might be harmful and might negatively impact what humans have learn through decades such as the ability to communicate effectively. To be specific, the rise of technology has introduced websites referred to as “social media” which are applications that allow users to create and share personal content or …show more content…
Social media is affecting the way people interact with each other by decreasing people’s ability to maintain face to face communication according to the article “10 pros and cons of social media” the author describes how social media is responsible for the absence of affective communication. The majority of the social media users change believes the opposite. They consider that social as facilitated the way humans communicate by “opening doors” to a totally new way of communication that allows individuals to virtually meet people from all around the world. However, virtual connections are not as significant as the friendships that you can see every day and that you are sure they are not pretending to be someone they are not on the internet. Many people have a lot of trust in their virtual friendships but how can that friendship be symbolic if those people have never physically interact with one another. It easier to maintain a friendship through social media because when trouble or hard situations come the people talking through messages are able to think a little longer about what they should say. Many people might thinks this is great since people will inhibit themselves from saying something they might regret later; however what’s going to happen when the two people are physically interaction and they have to go through the same situation? Their reactions might be totally different to the ones they showed over a text. What I’m trying to say here is that the use of social media is causing people to not show their real personalities and the use of social media might confuse people about how a person

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