1. Listo Systems: the Challenge of a Growing Organization Essay

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Case Study 4
1. Listo Systems: The Challenge of a Growing Organization
Defining the Context
Listo Systems, one of the world’s top graphic service companies, was established in the 1990s when technological advancements were increasing and creating a more competitive market. After going through a period of great success and growth, the company decided to hire a number of new employees and adding new layers of managers and supervisors.
Defining the Key Issues or Problems
The main issue is that Listo Systems has been growing too quickly, and the company has not been able to cope with this growth appropriately. Due to this situation, causal variables such as lack of proper training for new employees, management becoming less concerned
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This lack of motivation from the employees could also be explained with McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y. Before, the company was under a Theory Y model, where employees were constantly asked for their opinions regarding direction of the company. Now, management is less concerned with their opinions and more directive orders are being given. If employees are treated in a Theory X way, they will lose the motivation they had as they will feel they are no more than some cogs making the machine run. This will clearly have an impact on the company culture, however, if we want this negative impact to be smaller, we could ask the managers to return to the Y theory form, and inform new managers that this is a theory Y company with some control over goal-oriented employees. This way not only first line worker will feel comfortable, but managers will also feel safe. Once both parties have their needs fulfilled, they will be motivated and will automatically energize the company mission.
Organizational Level 3: Departments (Units) & Key Results (Success Factors)
Level three communicates key results and success factors to the organizational units and department divisions. The leadership challenges at this level are: involving, facilitating, and communicating the vision in order to synchronize organizational units and department division to

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