1.1summarise the Development of the Uk Popular Music Recording Industry from the 1950’s to the Present Day.

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1.1Summarise the development of the UK popular music recording industry from the 1950’s to the present day.

The 1950’s represent the beginning of the development of the music industry, as it is known today. It is from here on that the genre of ‘popular music’ existed and began to dominate the charts. Of course, there were acts that existed before the 50’s, and made a good name for them selves, acts like Bing Crosby, but it was in the 50’s that certain artists became household names, and idols to the masses.
The first, and most iconic of these artistes, is of course, Elvis Presley. After making a name for him self in the states, Elvis’ music then began to cross the border into other countries, and continents. Elvis was the first
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More acts moved in to the limelight and took to the big stage and Rock and Roll was at a high.

The 1960’s introduced some of the biggest acts in music ever. For me, the 60’s were the most important 10 years of music history. Acts from the 50’s continued to make the headlines, and grew bigger and bigger. However, in 1962, the biggest revolution in music history ever, hit the charts. The Beatles released the song ‘Love Me Do’, and it was an instant success. Creating a new genre of Brit Pop, the Beatles took the UK by storm. This style of music had never been heard before. It was this new style of music that changed the music industry forever. Compared to the music on the scene at the time, The Beatles incorporated more melodies, harmonies, and even more complex rhythms. This was the beginning of a music revolution. Even today, The Beatles are still one of the biggest grossing acts of all time. What’s more, they were the first British act to make it really big over in the US, and in turn, this meant international success. They were the first British act to break the barrier between the US and UK markets. This break through led to a mass UK acts breaking into the limelight and making it big.
1963 saw the introduction of acts such as The Yardbirds, and Led Zepplin. These acts went on to expand on the Rock and Roll genre and take ‘guitar rock’ to a new level. New boundaries were made, and acts continued to experiment.

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