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The Candy Man
Bingheng Lin
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

The Candyman
The Candyman: The David Klein Story was a movie that produced by Noel Murray(2011), tells the story of the rise and fall of David Klein, the man who invented Jelly Belly jelly beans. In the mid 70’s, David Klein worked at a nut store which also sold all kinds of candy, helping out in delivery. David Klein was a thoughtful person. He always came up with all kinds of ideas. “ In life, you only need to be a genius for 15 seconds. This is America. If you come up with a good idea, you can run with that idea.” The good idea that David Klein came up with, was Jelly Bellies. In 1976, he made jelly beans with specific
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In consequentialism, right or wrong is only depands on results of the act. Since the success of Jelly Belly, David’s concession was a right chose.
“Hedonism is a philosophical system that holds that people are motivated primarily by the production of pleasure and happiness and the avoidance of pain. A person chooses his or her actions on the basis of how much pleasure and pain the actions will foreseeably cause.”(2014) Some people will feel happy if they have a lot of money, some may feel happy if they have a happy family. For Klein, money is worthless, he is belongs to the candy world. The only thing that can make him happy is candy. Even though he is no longer has Jelly Belly, but he is working on a new candy with his family. “ He moved on and began inventing other candy, including “Sandy Candy,” with his daughter. They have their own candy factory in California. And, as David tells me, making this movie helped bring him and his son closer. That, to me, is the best part of the story.”(Schlussel 2011) In Kelin’s own words “ If the original agreement had not been changed, I would have received at least 200 million dollars more. This would not have changed my lifestyle at all, but can you imagine the people I would have been able to help with that money. The documentary brought Bert and myself much closer and for this I will be eternally grateful.” There are a variety of ways to live a good life, and hedonism explains why this is so:

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