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ancien regime
the old order of which everyone in France belonged to one of three classes
Jacques Nacker
King Louis XVI's advisor who erged him to reduce extravegant coart spending, reform gov., and abolish burdensome tariffs on internal trade
notebooks that called for reforms such as fairer taxes, freedom of the press, or regular meetings of the Estates General
Tennis Court Oath
an othat the delegates swore. "never to seperate and to meet wherever the circumstances might recquire until we have established a sound and just constitution."
National Assembly
the Third Estate
a grim medieval fortress used as a prison for political and other prisoners
the middle class
deficit spending
situation in which a government spends more money than it takes in
Great Fear
the time when inflamed with fear and famine, peasants unleashed their fury on nobles who were trying to reimpose medieval dues
a red, white, and blue badge which was eventually adopted as the national flag of france
Legislative Assembly
had the power to make laws, collect taxes, and decide on issues of war and peace
Declaration of Pilnitz
in this document, the two monarchs threatened to intervene to protect the french monarchy
a revolutionary political club that was mostly middle class laywers or intellectuals
small group
person who flees his or her country for political reasons
system of government in which officials are chosen by the people
Committee of Public Safety
a 12-member committee that had almost absolute power as it battled to save the revolution