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system of government in which the officials are chosen by the people
Committee of Public Safety
a 12-member committee that had almost absolute power as it battled to save the Revolution
Maximilien Robespierre
a shrewd laywer and politician who quickly rose to the leadership of the committee of Public Safety and was given the nickname "the incorruptable"
Olympe de Gouges
a journalist who demanded equal rights in her Declaration of the Rights of Women
"La Mareillaise"
a song that later became the French national anthem
Jacques Louis David
an artist who immortalized on canvas stirring events
the right to vote
a strong feeling of pride in and devotion the one's country
having to do with worldly, rather than religious matters
a three-man governing board that Napoleon set up
Concardat of 1801
when Napoleon made peace with the Catholic Church. it kept the Church under control but recognized religious freedom for Catholics
Napoleonic Code
emobied Enlightenment principles
Confederation of the Rhine
Napoleon created this 38-member Confederation under French protection
Battle of Trafalgar
located off the south-west coast of Spain when the British admiral Horatio Nelson smashed a French fleet
Continental System
failed to being Britain to its knees
ballot in which voters have a direct say on an issue
add a territory into an existing state or country
shutting off a port to keep people or supplies from running in or out
Joseph Bonaparte
Napoleon's brother who also sought to undermine the Spanish Catholic Church
Duke of Wellington
was later sent by Britain to help the Spanish help fight France
Marie Louis
whom Napoleon married. she was an Austrian princess and the daughter of the Hapsburg emperor
a battle where the British and Prussian armies crushed France
Clemons von Matternich
who the real work fell to
Quadruple Alliance
the 4 nations pledge to act together to maintain the balance of power and to suppress revolutionary uprisings
querrilla warfare
fighting that carried on through hit and run raids
give up a high office
principle by which monarchies that had been unseated by the French Revolution or Napoleon were restored