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Hartford Convention
New england states delegates discuss opposition to government policies.
withdrawing from the union.
Treaty of Ghent
Treaty between Britian and the U.S. that ended the war of 1812.
Battle of New Orleans
Victory for Andrew Jackson who led the battle.
War Hawks
Westeners who wanted war
Non-Intercourse Act
Forbade trade only with France and Britian.
Embargo Act of 1807
Forbade ships to leave the United States for foreign ports.
British kidnapped American sailors to keep up their supply of sailors for their navy.
War of 1812
war between Britian and the United States
Lewis and Clark Expedition
Explored the Louisiana Territory
Lousiana purchase
Cost was $15 million. It doubled the area of the United States.
Marbury vs. Madison
A case in which the Supreme Court asserted its right to declare laws passed by Congress unconstitutional.
States' Rights
Upholds the powers of the states as opposed to the powers of the national government.
Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
States had the right to declare an act of Congress unconstitutional.
Alien and Sedition Acts
LAws passed to curb immigration and limit criticism of the government.
Whiskey Rebellion
The 1794 refusal by western farmers to [ay the federal tax on whiskey.
Trans - Appalachian West
The land between the Appalachians and the Mississippi.
Loose Construction
The government can do anything the constitution does not say it can not do.
Strict Construction
Only those powers that the constitution specifically gives the government.
Taxes on imported goods.
An economic system based on private ownership and free competition.
Public Debt
Money owed by a government.
certificates issued by a government in exchange for a loan of money.