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deficit spending
Paying out more money from the annual federal budget than the government recieves in tax revenues.
Orginization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
Group of Nations that work together to regulate the price and supply of oil.
A ban or a restriction on trade.
New Federalism
President Nixon's call for a new partnership between the federal government and state governments; President Reagan's plan to cut back the role of the federal governmant while giving more responsibility to state and local governments.
A German term meaning "practical Polotics," or foriegn policy based on intrests rather than moral principles.
A relaxtion in political tensions between two nations.
Strategic Arms Limitation, a 1972 agreement between the United States and the Soviet Union on limiting nuclear weapons.
A listening device used to intercept telephone information.
Watergate scandal
Scandal involving illegal activities that led ultimately to the resignation of President Nixon in 1974.
special prosecutor
An attorney appointed by the Justice Departmant to investigate wrongdoing by government officials.
To charge a public offical with wrongdoing in office.
Combination of high inflation and high unemployment, with no economic growth.
War Powers Act
1973 law limiting a President's abiltiy to involve the United States in foreign conflicts without recieving a formal decleration of war from congress.
Helsinki Accords
Series of agreements on European security made in 1975.
200th anniversary.
Person currently in office.
The reduction or removal of governemnt controls.
A general pardon for certain crimes
affirmative action
Policy that gives special consideration to women and members of minority groups to make up for past discrimination.
Camp David Accords
1978 agreement between Isreal and Egypt that made a peace treaty between the two natioans possible.
A person who criticizes the action of his or her government.