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(a01) what is the primary radar element of the GTACS?
CRC (control reporting center)
(a01) Which agency does the DATCALS directly fall under in the GTACS?
(a02) Final site selection is the responsibility of the
site commander
(a03) What is the minimum diameter of ground rods for use in deployed grounding systems?
5/8 inch
(a01) Which agency does the DATCALS directly fall under in the GTACS?
[a01] 1. what is the major TACS function performed by radar elements?
Airspace control and execution of air defense
[a01] 2. Name the radar elements of the TACS.
[A01] 3. To which agency does the CRC provide information?
[AO1] 4. DATCALS is a part of what element of GTACS?
[A02] 1. What primarily controls the selection of a radar site?
The radar coverage requirements of the mission.
[a02] 2. Who is responsible for final site selection?
Site commander
[a02] 3. By what methods of transportation are the GTACS radar elements deployed to their operating location?
1. surface mode- ship, train, truck, mobilizer
2. air mode- helicopter, cargo aircraft
[a02] 4. What type of transportation required the radar shelter to be light weighted?
[a03] 1. Name the three primary functions the ground system provides.
Personnel safety, equipment protection, and electrical noise reduction
[a03] 2. What resistance to ground has been established as the desired goal for grounding systems in military C-E facilities?
10 ohms or less
[a03] 3. Is soil treatment with chemicals permanent and why or why not?
No because rainfall will carry away the chemicals
[a03] 4. what safety precautions must be taken when operating a gasoline driven hammer?
The operator and all personnel in the immediate area must wear safety shoes, gloves, goggles, and hearing protection
[a03] 5. How should equipment ground rods be installed?
Ground rods should be located as close to the equipment as possible so that the conductor forms a direct line from the equipment ground to the ground rod. Have all ground cables as short as possible with no coils and connected IAW the equipment TO
[a03]6. What must be done before power connections can be made to the equipment?
Ground connection must be completed before connecting power.
[a03] 7. What is a Vibraground?
A test instrument used to measure ground resistance from installed grounds.
[a03] 8. What advantages does a Vibraground have over other types of testers?
It provides a readout directly in ohms, thus eliminating calculation.