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(611) What is a typical unambiguous range limit for a doppler radar transmitting at a PRF of 700 pps?
116 NM
(611) What is doppler dilemma in terms of selecting an operating pulse repetition frequency?
trade off between velocity aliasing and range folding
(611) What process is designed to eliminate range folding and velocity aliasing?
post processing
(612) The primary purpose of the clean air mode of operation is to
support pilot weather briefings and sea surface operations
(612) What is the selection criteria for the wsr-88d operating modes?
clean air mode selected manually; precipitation mode is selected automatically or manually
(612) The three phases associated with the precipitation mode are...
approach, storm, and severe convective storm
(613) In the wsr-88d radar, an elevation cut is
a single full rotation of the antenna at a discrete elevation
(613) In the wsr-88d radar, pulse recurrent interval (PRI) pattern waveforms are characterized into what three categories or groups?
contiguous surveillance, contiguous doppler, batch
(613) In the wsr-88d radar, scan strategies are embodied in various volume coverage (VCP) to
optimize performance under specific meteorologic condition
(614) What was considered base data generated by older conventional weather radar, such as the wsr-57 and wsr-74
patterns of unanalyzed equivalent reflectivity
(614) What are two parameters measured by the wsr-88d doppler radar that older weather radars could not measure?
radial velocity and spectrum width
(614) What wsr-88d weather products are derived from reflectivity, mean radial velocity, and spectrum width?
base products
(614) What wsr-88d weather product inlcudes contour presentations of reflectivity, echo tops, and wind shear?
derived products
(614) What is the difference between principal users and other users concerning access to wsr-88d weather products?
other users have access to a limited set of products
(614) What procedural access methods are used to let different groups of wsr-88d radar users share common dial-up interface ports?
password protection and time-out limits
(615) What is the advantage of the wsr-88d radar sytem over older weather radars?
displays new fields of doppler velocity and derived airflow patterns